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Golden Horse Slot

The high 5 Games Golden Horse slot is for people who love beautiful artwork and unique bonuses that could win big. This slot will be a hit with Van Gogh fans. You should add this to your list.

The mountains are reminiscent of a stunning pencil drawing many artists keep in their collections. The gorgeous colored pencil drawings depicting horses contrast beautifully with them.

This slot’s artwork isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out. A unique Enduring Bonus offers free spins and a Sticking Wild feature excitingly and uniquely. You can win as much as 30x your line bet in the main game.

No Horsing About

There will be a grid of 4×4 reels. The winning symbols are paid in cluster combos rather than on the regular pay lines. This allows you to win up to 16 characters.

You can either cluster Chinese symbols or horses together, but the higher-paying characters may win you up to 6,000x your wager. However, pressing four symbols together and above can win many smaller prizes.

There are many colored horses available, all as beautiful as each other. You can find turquoise horses that pay up to 9,000x your wager, orange horses up to 12,000x, and blue horses up to 15,000x. Purple horses go up to 18,000x. If you can group 16 green horses, you will win a fantastic 30,000x in your line bet. It’s the horses you want to be grouped, and they are pack animals, so it should be easy. Horse wins are celebrated with stunning animations as the horses race around the reels.

Galloping Forever

You’d think these horses could gallop forever if they had a name like the Enduring Bonus. The Enduring Bonus is activated when you hit 3 or 4 Golden Horse symbols on reels 2 or 3. You can spin for free until the 3 Wild Flowers are locked in place and have paid all prizes. If you trigger it using four golden horses, you can continue spinning until all 4 Wild Flowers are closed and you have paid all bonuses. It’s a thrilling uncertainty to know how many spins you can get.

Despite their substantial win opportunities, 16 cluster positions cost only 80 credits each to spin. There are a variety of line bets available to suit every player.

High 5 Games has developed some innovative features for its new slot releases. You can have hours of fun with the Golden Horse, which has stunning artwork! The Enduring Bonus is one of these.