It may clear to you that this is my experience which I am going to share out with you all which will help you in getting the most. The discovery of the entitled one is very interesting. It was the summer vacation and I was at the home with nothing to do besides watching movies and sleep.

All of a sudden my phone rang and took me in the valley of testing out my luck. It was the call of my uncle who is very much fond of the gambling and loves to keep himself locked in its room. I told him about my boring life then he insisted me to go for the visit of gambling place nearby which is said to be the casino.

Going to the place was bit difficult for me then he told me to make the place of your own through the use of the mobile casino only. I did the same and was astonished to see the poker machines available through the medium of online pokies. I went for the search of any play and was again confused in making the decision of the play.

Continuing my chat with uncle, he told me to go for the review section. Going through that gave me the chance to go for the download of Fortune Finder in my android phone. I came to know that it is the event of the microgaming which gives the opportunity to try the fortune with five reels. There are many other features too which will give you many rewards and return gifts too by making proper use of that.

The symbols which are depicted over the screen bars of gold, nuggests and the animated symbol of playing cards such as nine, ten, king, queen and many more. Just make them aligned in an arrangement and then hit them when they appear in the active slots of the reels. Go for it.

Double Wammy Slot

Are you looking for a retro-style slot machine that has a touch of class? Double Whammy is a slot machine that will appeal to you with its three-reel display of traditional slot icons.

Microgaming’s game has just one payline. This means that players must maximize every win, as few bonus features exist. You can increase your winnings with a wild icon that could quadruple or double your prize money. What about some wammy for your betting balance to boost?

Spins that sparkle

Slot machines are available in many different sizes and shapes. Some games offer five reels of narrative-based action with huge jackpots. Some video slots even provide more than five reels and complex bonus features.

Double Wammy, on the other side, brings its players back to the roots of the slot machine with three reels that revolve around timeless classics. The game features bright red cherries, single, double, and triple BAR symbols, and lucky red sevens. The game has one more character: a “Double Wammy,” with two diamonds to add some glitz to proceedings.

No frills, just thrills

This simple slot machine could be more innovative and exciting regarding its graphics. You probably guessed this from the fact it’s a 3-reel machine. Double Wammy does not need to be overly creative because most of its players play for the excitement of spinning and the chance to earn some prizes. The fact that it is presented in two-dimensional form only adds to its retro appeal.

Put some wammy into the kitty. This slot machine is easy to use in many ways. The slot machine has only three reels and one payline. There are also a limited number of betting options, with 0.25, 0.50, and 1.00 coins, as well as 2.00, 5.00, and 5.00. The game gets interesting when you decide whether to use 1, 2, or three coins on the single payline. Let us explain.

You can see that the Double Wammy game screen has its paytable with potential prizes for every winning combination. There are three columns: “1st Coin”, ‘2nd Coin’ and ‘3rd Coin. Using 2 or 3 coins instead of 1 is more profitable because the payouts are higher in these columns. The payouts are proportional to the amount of money bet. Three cherries, for instance, will give a multiplier of 10x the chance, regardless of how many coins you place.

Only when three coins are bet and a row of “Double Wammy” appears will the payout not match the amount wagered. This is because, as shown in the paytable below, the prize for this combination is higher when you play three coins instead of just 1 or 2 coins.

Wild Wins

This simple classic from Microgaming may not offer any bonus features, progressive jackpots, or free spins. Spinners can take advantage of a helpful bonus feature, a wild icon that multiplies the value of wins when it replaces other icons to complete a winning line. The “Double Wammy,” or wild symbol, will double or quadruple your wins if you bring in two or more. This wild icon cannot substitute for one cherry.

Class with a touch

Online gambling is awash with classic slot machines. Does this game stand out? In truth, no. This game follows a standard design and gameplay style, which Microgaming has used for years. You will only find something new or exciting while spinning the reels. If you come across the game, you will not be disappointed with its retro charm and potential for winning.