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I am sure that the suggestions will confuse and to get rid of that I am here to tell you the best way for that. Just go to the review sections which are posted in form of blogs and through that you will be able to make the download of the best app. taking the help of that I found Arabian Nights the best one among all. I went for the download and started to find the gifts in the night of the play.

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Glitter Ball Slots

The Glitter Ball is a five-reel, 30-line video slot designed for Bally’s Alpha 2 Pro cabinets. It is sure to get your feet tapping and dancing.

Bally’s Alpha 2 Pro V22/22 cabinet, a premium hardware platform, provides players with an engaging, interactive, and comfortable platform. It has everything a game like Glitter Ball requires: a sleek, trimmed appearance and energy-efficient features. Glitter Ball on Alpha 2 Pro comes with iDeck, Bally’s feature-rich video button deck that is programmable and customizable. We are unsurprised that Bally Technologies is a well-known name for inventing and developing cutting-edge software and hardware for casinos. It is a fun, offbeat game that provides a great party experience for players at the casino.

How to play Glitter Ball Slot Machine

The five reels of this slot machine offer coins in denominations from one cent to 500 dollars. There are three single-digit options: one, two, and five cents, as well as one and two, and five dollars. Double-digit denominations can represent lower units, such as 10, 20, 25, or 50 cents and 10, 20, or 50 dollars. You can play denominations ranging from 100 dollars to 250, and the highest, 500 USD.

Glitter Ball has a fair 33.79% overall hit frequency. The maximum bet is 1500 credits. The highest payout on this machine is the denomination multiplied by the line bet or a thousand credits. The symbols and graphics of this slot machine bear a striking resemblance to the extravagant and flashy theme. You want to root for two symbols: the scatter symbol, the Disco Balls symbol, and the Re-spin Record icon.

Free Games and Bonus Rounds

Glitter Ball has two bonus features: Wild Re-spin and Free Games. Three scatter symbols must be on the screen to trigger the Free Games bonus feature. The player will receive free games according to the number of Disco Balls on the screen. This five-reel video slot machine only awards free games if the Disco Balls appear in the first, third, and fifth reels. There are eight free games available.

Glitter Ball’s slot machine shows an award above each reel. The award is displayed when the Disco Ball, your scatter symbol, lands on that reel. The Free Games bonus awards you credit credits equal to five times your bet amount. A Locking Wild or another free game is also available.

Wild Re-spin is the second bonus feature of the Glitter Ball slots machine. Wild Re-spin works by locking the fifth reel and responding to the remaining four wheels. When the Re-spin Record symbol appears on the fifth reel, it triggers the feature. Any one of these reels may turn wild at will.

Glitter Ball Slots For Android / iOS/Mobile Device

Bally Technologies awarded the Glitter Ball the Las Vegas Gaming and Hospitality Awards. Slot players on Android, Blackberry, and Apple platforms can now use it online.